Santiago and Manolin

The Moon Affects Her, As It Does A Woman!
You can never be satisfied with the emotions that Hemingway creates. I remember mentioning this to a friend that reading his books are like having an interaction with my very close friend. I don’t even realise that I am reading, it’s like him conversing with me. Hemingway is my favourite author and the very next would-be JD Salinger.
Coming back to this book, in the surface (like sea) we get to read a simple plot which includes the following characters, but when you finish this book and as the thoughts starts pouring in you get to see the hidden treasures. 
The Characters
Santiago – The old fisherman was taken at every chance to put down by the community. Even though he was a skilled fisherman in his prime, now with this old age, he was considered to be lost at his skills and unlucky, because he had gone 84 days without a catch.
Manolin – The boy, who learned the skill from Santiago. This kid got a huge respect for Santiago and he believed in the old man. The boy also helps and provides for the old man.
Marlin –  It is a kind of fish, with whom the old man spends several days at the sea to capture it.
The Story
Our old man goes into sea, a solo voyage, to prove his fishermen community that he is still capable of making a big catch and his skills are still upto date like in his prime days. In this endeavour,he succeeds or not?
Before I get into the treasure hidden beneath the sea, I must record the connection Hemingway constructs between the main characters old man and the boy. It is something that will stay with me forever, it provides me a greater venue inrepresenting the examples about certain relationships. Same was the case with the character named Catherine from the book ‘A Farewell To Arms’, even though I read this book years back, I still remember how strong a character she was.
Now about the treasures we can find from this subtle story, let us name it under current themes are the followings.
Pain / Suffering
Nothing comes to us easily (most cases). For a fisherman’s worthwhile catch comes from his painful physical and mental injuries. Enduring pain that is what it’s meant to be a fisherman. The old man’s hands are marred with scars, which depicts us a lifelong struggle with the opponents at the sea. 
Hemingway, with his narrative audacity throws the thoughts that sea is cruel and beautiful.  It gives life and takes it away. Isn’t it similar in case of our lives with ups and downs? The sharks devours marlins, the man catches fish.
Pride & Respect
The old man has pride for his skills and wants recognition for his community (each one of us want it too, right? so don’t just like it, do comment your thoughts too). On his solo voyage he wished that the boy was with him not only to dispel loneliness but also to show the boy that what kind of a man he was and to witness the greatest catch of his life.
I felt it like one of the most inspiring stories that we couldpossibly have come across.
When all other hopes are set comes the book to give you that boost to kick start and keep going, this one is truly an inspiring read.  It is the story of perseverance. Instead defying his streak of bad luck, the old man keeps going out to catch fish, trying even harder than the previous time. No matter what Santiago is not defeated, nor his spirit is broken. Isn’t the shot we all needed to make believe, fall six times rise seven? Indeed, you will also connect once you read this story.
Like Jesus bearing his cross, our old man will carry his mast to and from in his skiff day in & out doing what a fisherman is meant to do, to set sail and catch fish.
Happy reading!


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